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 Takius Emor Rp 9/11/12

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PostSubject: Takius Emor Rp 9/11/12   Takius Emor Rp 9/11/12 EmptyWed Sep 12, 2012 8:40 pm

Participants: Takius Emor :Lilyana Nara, Ti Cheng: Koru Sinmari, maia python: Kura

Lilyana Nara crouches next to a small pile of sand about a meter high. It was her day off and she was taking it off in a small clearing near the academy.. Slowly she blew small amounts of chakra infused heated air at the pile of sand causing it to glass over. Lilyana then quietly performed a hand seal causing her shadow to stretch up the hill and mold the molten sand into a figure of a man. When it was done she carefully took it off of the hill and held it up into the sky. The figure was a milky glass color as it glinted in the light. She gazed into the figure almost as if she was spacing out as she looked into it.

Kura woudl move slowely looking down at the glass lilyana had made. she giggles, and then kneels down out of light. her demonic appearance might startle her, after all her clan was new. her demonic red eyes owudl blink and she woudl reach down and touch the sand causing it immediatly to turn to glass simply from touch. kura woudl smile and say. "sand makes good glass. " her accent is very very thick, as if she were from far away. the demonic loking woman woudl smile. "my clan makes glass, im impressed with your control over heat." she smiles showing her fangs and says. "what is yoru name little one."

Koru Sinmari slowly wandered around the village not having much to do. As he drug his feet in the ground he noticed someone from the academy. As he got closer he noticed that it was Lily and his pace quickened as he thought they could possibly do something together on this rather boring day. As he stopped next to her he looked at the little statuette she was holding. He leaned in closer and gently touched it as a small spark shot threw it and caused it to glimmer and sparkle from the little electric bolt bouncing around inside. He spoke almost out of surprise joking with her. “What are we looking at Lily?” Koru gave her a playful nudge. Koru had arrived almost the same time as another woman much older than Lily and very odd looking. He had politely waited to do his little trick till after the woman had finished talking.

Lilyana Nara looks up at the woman for a short moment before becoming distracted by Koru. “Hey Koru, sorry I was daydreaming.” She watched as the little spark bounced around before answering the woman standing in front of her. She spoke quietly and it almost seemed as if Lilyana was disconnected from the whole conversation altogether. “It was not all myself. But my name is Lilyana Nara,” then looked over to her friend. “Thats Koru Sinmari” Her gaze finally returned to the woman after she was done speaking. Slightly nudging Koru back she waited for the woman to speak again if that was what she was going to do. Lilyana hoped that this would not turn into some troublesome ordeal.

Kura woudl sit down next to them. the tall woman woudl breath out smoke for a moment and sigh.. its strange since she isn't smoking. "Lilyana, Nara. " she says the name slwoely as if tryign to record it to memory, she then looks at her and says. "Nara is not a clan i am familiar with, near is Sinmari." she sighs... beign foriegn is always a pain. kura says some words in a very strange and foriegn langauge and then says. "so your students im assuming, can you demonstrate yoru transformation techniques, im curious as toi how you both do it

Koru Sinmari smirked knowing that they were both fond of pranks. He leaned over and whispered into Lily’s ear. A small giggle formed on his face as he very slyly put a prank small scale smoke bomb into his hand and faced Lily and held his hands together making sure to keep the bomb hidden well. Koru was extremely well off in the world of pranks for his age that even most adults were not aware of them. “Lets do each other Lily!” He spoke very excitedly. He would wait for her to get into position before breaking the smoke bomb in his hands giving them enough cover to appear that everything went as planned.

Lilyana Nara giggle at his idea and gently nodded as he finished whispering. She gently set down the glass statue next to her feet as she arose. She now faced Koru and assumed the position. Her hands clasped together as the looked at each other. Koru popped the bomb and they became surrounded by smoke. As planned they then switched places making it appear that the had performed perfect transformations of each other. As the smoke cleared from the area Lilyana spoke to the woman. “What do you think? Did we do it correctly?” Lilyana had chosen her words carefully knowing how effective Koru’s pranks were. They both smiled at her.

Kura would look at them and say. "bravo bravo." she woudl then say. "i like trick." she smiles. and then says. "i show you trick." she woudl pretend to do some very fast handsigns and then sneeze, blowing fire away from them. "oops. I sneezed." she says facepalming.

Koru Sinmari looked at the woman puzzled before holding out his hand to fist bump Lilyana to play off them transforming. Once again he had another bomb in his hand. When they fist bumped he would pop it and they would once again switch places. After they switched he looked at the woman and spoke calmly and very confused. “Um.. Bless You?”

Lilyana Nara was as well unsure about this woman as she looked over to Koru’s hand held out. She then did a fist bump with him as the bomb exploded and they once again switched places to finish off the prank that they both were not even sure if it worked or if the woman just had a hard time speaking. Lilyana then picked up her little figure and held it in her hand.

Kura woudl look at them two and says. "ah thank you." she woudl look at the two gigling. they amuse her. so free. when she was their age she killed people. life is nicer now. "so free. i wish my life was like yours, my friends are dead. perhaps you can be my friends." she says as she pulls out a small smooth round rock it woudl glow red with heat as kura dissipates the extra heat her body produces. kura woudl breath out smoke again and say. "my name is Kura, Daemon. I am head of Daemon clan, which is new here in the endless sands and sun. " she woudl smile... showign her fangs once again. "its nice to see such livelyhood here." she doesnt' care if she scares the kids, they have to grow up somehow

Koru Sinmari continued to keep looking at Kura as the woman continued to do very strange things, he was nothing special and lead a rather normal life before he met Lilyana. And now he had met this woman, thinks started to begin to look interesting as he got older. He was not scared but he still remained rather cautious knowing that anything could happen. He spoke only one word before he went into deep thought.

Lilyana Nara watched the woman. This Kara lady was not the only special one here. But hearing that she was not from around this area she would not know much about her most people chose not to speak of it. Lilyana put her hand to her belly. ~Show her! Grrrrr..~ Lilyana thought to herself. ‘We should not. They told me to keep it to myself.’ ~No!~ Lilyana’s eye quickly darkened and changed as an aura and feeling around her grew dark and very menacing only for a moment as her hand shot up to cover her left eye. There was only a short moment that it had been visible to the woman and Lilyana hoped she had not seen it. Lilyana spoke to keep the attention off of what just happened. “Welcome then.”

Kura woudl say. "you two.. i teach you lesson." she sits down and her eyes glow red and she stares at both of them with her demonic eyes. she woudl say. "People have power, weather their born with it or given it..." she holds out her hand and the air starts to burn aroudn her hand. "some of us are cursed with it, but its the curese that makes us stronger." she smiles showing her fangs again. "If your not strong, you will be. If you have potential, seek it, but if your gifted power, don't abuse it." kura woudl sit back and smile. "abusing one's abilities, is the worst way for shinobi to cary on in this world. they never partake in friends. Use power your given, yoru chakra, and your abilities for eachother." she woudl turn and look at lilyana in the eye... though kura doesn't know anything about lilyana, nor care, it woudl seem as if she were talking to her as she says. "Your powers are your friends, just like people, trust your friends, and you will get places." she woudl smile. and then look away. "lesson over, that was boring wasn't it." she says with a giggle. "who is up for some food?"

Koru Sinmari did not quite understand what the woman was talking about.but payed attention nonetheless. Koru looked over to Lilyana before he sat down playing in the sand as he tried to figure out what she was talking about. The whole conversation just sorta blew over his head but figured she was talking about his ability to do ninjutsu or something.

Lilyana Nara hand that was covering her eye moved down to her belly as she kept her eye closed.The center of the seal on her stomach glowed for a moment before her eye went back to being normal. Lily had heard and understood what the woman was saying but very much disagreed about embracing her power, befriending it maybe but allowing it freedom would mean disasters. The woman was clearly not aware of what was inside Lilyana. She answered in a very calm voice. “I suppose.” Lily looked over to Koru who clearly did not know what she was talking about and tossed the glass statute to him to get his attention. “Sure we are.” Lily spoke trying to be polite.

Kura woudl smile and stand up a she claps her hand and then summons a feast! she woudl smile and sit at one end of the summoned table and smile. she pulls out some chopstick sand says. "Eat food and you grow strong." she would sit down, pas out two thigns ofchopstick snad instead of picking up one of her own, she would hold her hands out as her claws woudl lengthen and sharpen on their own. the table has rice, meat, fish, sushi, ramin and other great thigns all assorted like a buffet. it is kura's cooking afterall, its good. unfortuantly they woudl come to find her cookign is rather spicy.

Koru Sinmari looked over the food. It looked really good but he was not able to eat any of it. He knew he had to be home. He gave a gentle bow and turned and took off for his home. He was expected it was getting late and his family never really believed his reasons for being late and really wouldn't if he did not eat his dinner. “Thank you but I must go home now.” He turned and took off towards his home.

Lilyana Nara looked over to Koru and smiled before waving by, he never says it but she knew he did not mean anything by it, its just how he is. Lily sat down and took some of the food and started eating with the woman. “Thank you for the meal.” Lilyana said before the first bite. She ate the food, it was rather good for appearing out of thin air. She didn't know that objects could be summoned like that but was enjoying it none the less.

Kura looks at her and says. "your stomach glows. you have seal." kura's glwoign red eyes look at her and she says. "i not ask what it is, but say confide in me and its ok if you want. you listened to my speech more than most. " krua woudl reach down and pick a large chucnk of meat up which woudl instantly sizzle as if put onto a very hot iron. kura owudl quickly pop it into her mouth before it turns to ash. she sighs. perhaps that gives an idea just how dangerous it is to touch her. kura woudl sigh and say. "i want to hear on your progress through your training, tell me how things go and i will help you with homework." krua smiles and stands. the air seems to bend and twist aroudn her from such devestating heat and kura breaths out smoke again. "I am not safe right now, eat the rest of the food, its a gift." kura would walk away, after a time the air woudl get suddenly very very hot and dry as kura releases the thermal energy safely away from people. the air woudl quickly return to normal

Lilyana Nara would only listen to the woman as she spoke and continued to eat the delicious foods. She nodded when the woman offered to help her with things in acknowledgement but was not exactly sure if she was going to do it. Lilyana noticed that the woman was getting up to leave and only said two words, she knew that it was all that needed to be said. “Thank you.” Once Lilyana was finished eating she would get up and go back to wandering about the village until she went home to sleep.
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Takius Emor Rp 9/11/12
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