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 Takius Emor Rp 8/8/12

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PostSubject: Takius Emor Rp 8/8/12   Takius Emor Rp 8/8/12 EmptyWed Sep 12, 2012 8:35 pm

Participants: Takius Emor :Lilyana Nara, Volkerion dragovar: Garun Talcheth

Lilyana Nara calmly sat on the overhang of a small building, the wind blowing through her hair as she slightly concentrated on her shadow. She would only shape and stretch it slightly but made small figures on the ground as it was stretched down the wall. Her hand was held out almost as if she was playing with a puppet with no strings. The shapes resembled the silhouette of a human, only about three or four inches long as she made it look like they were fighting. She was very concentrated on the aspects that she was rather oblivious to her surroundings, more focused than anything. She was pretty care free.

Garun Talcheth (volkerion.dragovar) was off the rest of the day pending any emergencies. He had packed a lunch, expecting a long day since the Genin were supposed to be practicing their kunai skills, but so far only one kid with a laceration on the leg showed up. Leaping up onto a rooftop to enjoy his lunch, he niticed the lady across the street on the roof of another structure playing with... He looks down.. her shadow? Well that's different. He watches her 'Shadow brawl' while he munches on a chicken salad sandwich.

Lilyana Nara knew what she was as her gaze only became more focused at one of the little silhouette to the left as it seemed to change and transform. While fighting it seemed to grow a tail as the fight intensified. Shortly after another and another tail emerged as the fight seemed to rapidly become one sided. I was almost as if the shadow started using a numerous amounts of jutsu, on a basic level but various as another two tails appeared, it seemed that it was firing skills of each element. To an onlooker it would seem strange and very odd but to Lily she knew what it was.

Lilyana Nara watched as the shadows of the leafs moved around the silhouette that she was playing with only moments before one disappeared. The remaining shadow was the one was the silhouette with the tails as it turned its head towards Lily then over in the direction of the man. The shadow no longer looked a human with tails but a demonic dog with burning eyes created by gaps in the shadow. This shape was not of her doing as she sat there almost frozen before it's turned her gaze off to the side to which she followed almost instantaneously. Her soft black hair covering her left eye and dark cloth mask covering the rest of her face only leaving a small gap exposed with her right eye. She gazed at the man the chill of fear still visible in her glance. She remained speechless only to gaze at the man.

Garun Talcheth (volkerion.dragovar) dropped his hand as she looked up at him. He gazed back at her with a smirk as he rolled up the scroll that he had sealed his lunch in. He slides the scroll in his sleeve. He shifts his stance to a Kneel and waves to the strange lady across the street, not in range of speech at the moment.

Lilyana Nara soft pink eyes calmly gazed back at the man still no words spoken. The final movements of the shadow were not in her control. This scared her as she normally had full control of it. She quickly looked back down at the ground only to notice that the shadow was no longer stretched but had returned back to normal. Lily’s glance shot back at the man as she watched him silently her nature caused her to be very cautious with her words and her habit forced her to shoot threw numerous scenarios that this encounter could end up with. The most unlikely and unwanted was a confrontation though. She would not speak unless spoken too and would not drag out conversation in unnecessary words. She kept her eyes fixed on the man as it seemed that he was intent on coming closer.

Garun Talcheth (volkerion.dragovar) waited for a minute, having been hoping for a sign to come over. He stood up with a glance around in case she was looking at someone else before leaning forwaed over the edge of the structure he was on so that he could jump over to the rooftop that Lilyana was on. "Hello, Miss. You seemed to be entertaining yourself with whatever power that was you were manipulating your shadow with." He bows to Lilyana with a smile. "My name is Garun, pleasure to meet you." His hair had it's own habit of flopping to the left, coving his left eye more often than not. He kept his distance from the woman since she seemed especially cautious of him from how intently she stares.

Lilyana Nara watched the man come closer and listened to him intently as he spoke. She would wait a moment before returning a comment to him. “Lilyana Nara.” Her name was all she spoke as she held out her hand behind her as a shadow stretched from her hand to the wailing behind her assisting her in getting up as it almost made it look effortless. She was not that powerful with abilities but she had a strong affinity to the manipulation of shadows. Her landing on her feet was light and graceful almost looking effortless as her own shadow cushioned her steps. It was so subtle that it's almost unnoticeable. She calmly spoke once more to answer the question she know he was intending to ask with his words. “I just can shape my shadows, am I not allowed up here?” Very few words but the core of the answer was there.

Garun Talcheth (volkerion.dragovar) shakes his head. "You're allowed to be here as far as I know. I simply wished to say hello." He watched your movements with s keen eye, finding her control, as 'subtle' as it is to be a interesting talent. He smiled before a marking on his hand appeared. He sighed and bowed his head to Lilyana. "I have to go. Maybe we will meet again."
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Takius Emor Rp 8/8/12
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