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 Takius Emor Rp 8/9/12

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PostSubject: Takius Emor Rp 8/9/12   Takius Emor Rp 8/9/12 EmptyWed Sep 12, 2012 8:38 pm

Participants: Takius Emor :Lilyana Nara, Ti Cheng: Koru Sinmari, Volkerion dragovar: Garun Talcheth

Koru Sinmari was quite the trickster as he noticed a young girl nearby as he thought of a devious trick to pull on her. Slowly and naturally he walked up next to her making it look normal. His hand slipped behind her back as a small spark shot across his fingers before he sent the painful miniature bolt of lighting up at her right shoulder. Quickly he would retreat his hand back to his side as he spoke. “So you're a new student as well? My names Koru Sinmari what is yours?” He calmly talked trying not to make his little prank obvious as the shock would hit her shoulder with a painful snap.

Lilyana Nara was standing in a training area looking up to the clouds with her one exposed eye. The wind blew calmly and it was rather quiet this time of day, students in and out of the area but none really spent much time talking to her. She did not care she was used to being alone by now and only wished for the day to pass. A student walked up to her as she gazed up into the sky. He got rather close to her so it caught her attention as she slowly looked over to him with her soft pink eye. As he spoke she felt a sharp sting on her right shoulder as he caught her off guard but she wasn't stupid she knew it was him there really wasn't anything in the area that could do something like that so she decided to return the prank. As she spoke she slowly stretched her shadow to touch his own. Her voice quiet and calm. “Lilyana Nara, and I have a question for you now.” She shot the shadow underneath his feet forward pulling his own legs out from underneath him causing him to fall to his ass. She leaned down with a slight snicker before asking her question. “How was the fall, eh?”

Garun Talcheth (volkerion.dragovar) had just gotten back from an trip to a nearby town to gather teach some prospective medical ninjas about medicinal herbs and because they have good ice cream. After such an.. ordeal managing a small class of genin that were not all especially well behaved, he had decided to visit one of his own favorite training zones. It was here where he and other classmates practiced their skills and he his ability to keep them alive. He smirks, walking by a fallen tree where one of his classmates had missed with a powerful taijutsu move. As he came close to the clearing in the middle, he passed by another 'battle scar' this zone held: a barren patch of earth where earth and fire jutsu met. He sighed, remembering treating burns, bruises, and cuts all while trying to prevent injuries to himself. He looked up from his reminiscing to see two studtents. One whom he recognized and another he did not. He leaned against a tree at the edge of the clearing while he slurped on an ice-cream treat that he managed to bring back watching them interact.

Koru Sinmari felt his feet get pulled from under him as the sky suddenly was all the saw. He was stunned for a moment before he saw her face over him. Her question had only caused him to laugh, who would have thought he would be pranked back so easily and quickly. “Very help me up.” With in those few moments unknown to many a very strong friendship had come to birth. He held out his hand curious if she would help him up. Figuring that this was again another good chance to prank her back he would wait for the moment before she grabbed his hand to shock her again.

Lilyana Nara snickered as she held out her hand to help him up, little did he know that her shadow was still attached to his. As she gripped her hand the small spark shocked her. She winced a little then pulled him up to her level before his feet once again were thrown from under him. This time he was going face first towards the ground as she laughed. It almost looked as if he was so clumsy that he couldn't stand properly. Although this time she helped him up properly getting him back to his feet. You couldn't see her mouth be it was obvious that she was smiling at him. Their bond of friendship rooted deep within the pair. She lingered before asking a question quietly. “Have you taken the exams yet?”

Garun Talcheth (volkerion.dragovar) chucked the wooden stick that the cold treat into the ground by a tree. He wasn't reall sure if he should interject himself in something as benign and actually constructive as this. He opted to leap up into the tree he was leaning against and set up some fun of his own.

Koru Sinmari calmly answered her question. “No I have not, have you?” Before letting Lily answer he kept talking. “Hopefully we will be put into the same team.” He smirked bringing up his left hand to meet the bicep of his right arm rubbing it as his right hand made a fist and pumping motion. “I can't wait to get out of these lame classes.” Koru was pumped not so much as to get into combat but not having to deal with the boring daily class tasks. “By the way how did you make me fall?” This puzzled him because it didn't even seem like she had moved or even touched him for that matter.

Lilyana Nara was a bit frustrated that she never gave him the chance to answer for a while but she could not help herself from giggling as he seemed so pumped up. She waited until she got her chance to talk. “No I have not got the chance and I would like that.” She figured that he was able to use lightning abilities from the shocks he hit her with. She knew that strategically he would greatly benefit her combat potential and lack of combat power. Speaking once more she answered his question.”I pulled your shadow with mine.” with a smile she stretched her shadow underneath herself in an unnatural way showing him what she meant. She had not mastered the skill yet but she had managed to have more control over it, proven by the ability to pull solid objects. “And you're a lightning user?” She asked the question knowing full well the answer.

Garun Talcheth (volkerion.dragovar) smirked as he set up a few harmless traps before getting in position to view the two. He's glad that they get along so well and they both seem to like pranks. THis should be right up their ally then. He flexed his pinky finger, launching some shurikentoward the pair that were aimed to miss. A transformed clone of a generic looking person with a face mask appearing to have thrown the shuriken. He wanted to make sure that the clone was seen before it would try and bait the pair, particularly the boy into following. He grinned and snickerd quietly.. "This is gonna be fun~"

Koru Sinmari only had the chance to answer yes before two pings hit the ground near the pair. This startled him a little as he looked around seeing a masked person. Koru shouted, “Hey what was that for..” that was all he was able to say before the man took off running. He was confused and puzzled, he thought to himself ‘was that on purpose’. Within moments he felt his hand be grabbed before he once again felt light on his feet. Lily was already reacting the situation with ridiculous speed and lack of hesitation. She merely took a few steps out in front of him before he felt himself being pulled. Lily was turning on her heel pulling him over her almost slingshotting him towards the man. He was still in shock as his first foot hit the ground and he took off after the man, she had got him to his top speed and closed a considerable gap so quickly. Small sparks appeared around his hands as he darted towards the man with incredible speed.

Lilyana Nara was caught off guard when the two pings hit the ground as she aswell looked around only to notice the masked man. A soon as the masked man started to run Lily had already formulated a play. Remarkably intelligent for a student, this was why she stood out. Grabbing his hand and slingshotting him towards the man she would spin down to one knee. ‘Please let this work’ she thought as she formed a hand seal shooting out a line of shadow after koru, using him as a medium to increase her distance. She had practiced a little and didn't fully control this skill yet but it had the highest odds of success. Her shadow attached to Koru’s as he sped after the man only to stretch out further and faster nearing the man. This tactic and fluidness of speed that it was put into action was not normal for trainees to perform let alone be successful but in that was its strength. The man would not have expected such a reaction giving them a small window of opportunity.

Garun Talcheth (volkerion.dragovar) kicks his feet as he sits on the branch, watching the flung student, but more importantly the dark line that was 'following' him. He had planned ahead incase the girl did try to use her shadow. THough he didn't really expect she'd attach herself to the male student. He sighs with a shrug and gets the clone in position with a kunai drawn, facing the male student as he got close. With a pull of his ring finger a small ball was dropped from the air behind Koru, a flash of bright light emitting from the ball to try and sever the connection that Lily's shadow had with Koru's. If Koru did not attack, the clone would provoke, throwing a fake explosive tag at Koru that would explode into smoke hit or miss to try and force Koru closer or to engage the clone in melee. If the clone was enganged, he would pull his middling finger and a net trap would scoop up Koru while the clone dissipates into mist. Truly harlmess, but a little embarassing for sure. He just wondered how gullibly strait forward Koru is.

Koru Sinmari felt his legs once again lost control as they both bent and he slid on his knees his momentum carrying him forward. He heard Lily shout as the sparks grew bigger the light engulfing the area. There was no way she was this smart, its not even possible he thought to himself. But he trusted her judgment it had been working so far as he slid below the man dodging the kunai unknowingly thanks to Lilyana’s ability to observe the situation at remarkable speeds. His hand shot up as he neared using this legs to push up aiming for the man's chest. The taunt on koru had been successful but had Lily taken everything into account. Koru’s attack was precise and accurate. From an onlooker it would appear that these students were not students at all other then the weakness in their actual attack power. It was almost scary how well these two were together.

Lilyana Nara noticed the falling ball behind koru. ‘Shit.’ She pulled back her shadow moments before the explosion causing her to control Karu making him slide on the ground slowing him but causing the blinding light to hide his movements momentarily giving him a chance to attack. Lily shouted. “Trust me! Go for it!” as she rose up to her feet she threw two kunai followed by two shuriken just off center enough to not hit koru if he rose up. She knew the man would not be able to dodge both attacks increasing their odds at success.The kunai passed the tagged kunai as it missed Koru and shot directly at her. Lily had little time to dodge as she held her arm in front of her face stopping the kunai inches from her face. The tag dropped down and glowed red as she pulled it out of her forearm attempting to throw it away but was unsuccessful the tag exploding with smoke around her, causing her to fall to the ground coughing. ‘A fake tag?’

Garun Talcheth (volkerion.dragovar) smiled as they worked together. Even though Lily had observed the situation well. She couldn't see well enough into the distance to see the net that was hidden beneath the clone. THe clone seemed to 'smile as he feigned a 'block' against Koru only to turn to mist as they struck. Garun then flexed his middle finger as his clone dissipated, causing the counnter balance to be released and a net to pull up from four corners to try and scoop Koru into it. Success or not, Garun shook his hand, cuting the chakra strings that he had been using to manipulate the traps, triggering the last one. A wire drops next to the raised net, possibly with a captured Koru. Another fake explosive tag slides down the wire and explodes into smoke. Garun himself hops down from the tree and goes to walk over to Koru to make sure he hadn't just had a heart attack.

Koru Sinmari felt the strike hit as this spark exploded into the man as he turned into mist. Moments later he felt the ground give from him as he shot up into the air. He was caught in a net that Lily had failed to see. Even so he heard 4 quick tares of rope before he once again felt gravity change. His body now falling to the ground. Lily’s kunai and shuriken had cut enough of the rope as he was pulled up to cause his weight to break the net. He hit the ground with a hard thud. “Ow what the hell.” Suddenly an explosion went off right next to where Koru had landed. He was surrounded by the smoke unaware of his surroundings being quite disoriented and startled. After all he was only a student and this was by far the most intense combat he had been in while attending the academy and this wasn't even part of a class. He coughed as the smoke swirled around him.

Lilyana Nara kunai and shuriken cut the ropes of the net as Koru was being raised just barely missing him. Suddenly another explosion took place as the smoke around her had dissipated enough for her to see as she saw another man fall from the tree. Without hesitation she formed a seal shooting her shadow at the man only to find out he was just out of range it stopping inches from his shadow. Her shadow slowly started to recede inch by inch as her chakra drained. She attempted to keep stretching it before she realized it wouldn't be possible anymore as her shadow retracted. Collapsing to her knees feeling the strain she had put on her body was much more then normal. Her breathing heavy and her body weak.

Garun Talcheth (volkerion.dragovar) wags his finger at Lily as he walks through the semi-wooded area. He'll have to make note that her range is just a little longer than he had anticipated. He wandered over to Koru and uses his wind release to disperse the smoke. "You two did better than I thought. Congrats." He claps for Koru. "You two seemed to like pranking each other so I thought I'd get in on the act." He glances over at Lily.. After he makes sure whether Koru is going to attack or not, he'll have to go give Lily some chakra. "I believe I heard your name is 'Koru' right?" He has one hand on his hip with the other gesturing as he speaks.

Koru Sinmari looked around as the smoke cleared and noticed another ninja from sand as he spoke Koru fell to his back looking up to the sky. He had noticed that the ninja was a jounin and figured this had something to do with the academy. “I hate this academy, and these stupid tests.” Koru shouted as he laid there exhausted. The fact that this was a prank totally blew over their heads as it was more like a test then anything. Koru took her hand and got up he caught her before she fell pulling her arm over his shoulder to support her. “We are going back to the classroom now.” He helped Lily walk as they started past the man. Koru looked over Lily, she was something else. her precision and speed in decision making was remarkable in his eyes. He was so distracted he failed to notice a slow trickle of her blood drip from her arm where she had taken the kunai.

Lilyana Nara panted heavily as she noticed who the man was, she did not speak but only panted as she tried to catch her breath. At this current moment she felt what Koru was feeling, this academy did suck and this feel much more like a test then a prank, at least a prank they would pull. She managed to stagger over to Koru and held out her hand to help him up. She acknowledged Garun's presence but was slightly ticked at him at the same time. This confrontation had caused her to become quite drained. She had failed to notice the pain in her arm due to complete exhaustion and overuse of her chakra. She also noticed that it was not deep enough to worry about either. She and Koru set off to make the trip back to the classroom. A small gesture of a half wave was all Garun got from Lily, it was really all she had the strength to do.

Garun Talcheth (volkerion.dragovar) seemed.. disappointed and scratched the back o his head, holding out his hand he used mystic palm on Lily to try and seal up the wound and restore a bit of her chakra.. "But.. this had nothing to do with the accademy.." He huffs, wondering how some people can be so absorbed in their disapproval of something that they blame everything on it. He kicks the dust up a bit before sticking his hands in his pockets and collecting the kunai and shuriken, letting the two go on their way.. if nothing else he guesses it was a good bonding exercise.

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Takius Emor Rp 8/9/12
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