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 Takius Emor Rp 9/14/12

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PostSubject: Takius Emor Rp 9/14/12   Takius Emor Rp 9/14/12 EmptyFri Sep 14, 2012 11:11 pm

Participants: Takius Emor :Lilyana Nara, Ti Cheng: Koru Sinmari

Koru Sinmari had given Lilyana a note to meet him somewhere so they could spar. His excitement overflowed as he waited in the training area that was supposed to replicate forest combat. He was if anything overly excited to spar with Lilyana, she always was able to bring the best out of him because he was at such a strong disadvantage against her and she was always naturally progressing it seemed. Koru fidgeted and wandered pacing back and forth waiting.

Lilyana Nara arrives at the place where koru wanted to spar today. He seemed excited and was really wanting to test his strength. They had become very good friends by now and that friendship was why she was there. She walked up to what seemed like a worried Koru and spoke softly. “Hey i'm here you can stop worrying.” She smiled under her mask and held out her hand for a fist bump. “So shall we start then?”

Koru Sinmari smiled as he fist bumped Lilyana before taking a few steps back. “Yea lets do this.” He spoke with a grin as if he had something up his sleeve some kind of trump card. He slammed down his foot as he took a strong stance and started forming hand seals. Dragon, Horse, Rooster as a electricity build up around his hands. “Tatchi no hitsuke-yaku no jutsu.”Koru started to run at Lilyana.

Lilyana Nara slides her foot behind her as she moves her hands together. “I will not hold back.” She started stretching her shadow towards Koru as he closed the gap for her. She hoped she could end this quickly but give him enough time to try whatever it was he was so excited about. She was a bit shocked that he of all people would do a frontal assault knowing her abilities quite well. She was cautious that he was hiding something.

Koru Sinmari reached back and tossed a kunai at Lilyana as he transferred the powerful shock to the blade sending it with it. He noticed her shadow stretch towards her and he knew that this was his chance. Dragon, Horse, Ram, Rooster were his next hand signs as he kept moving towards the shadow. “Swift Strike.” As the tip of the shadow practically touched his own Koru vanished. Koru appeared next to Lilyana not even a second later as he attempted to kick her across the midsection.

Lilyana Nara was about to perform shadow imitation as Koru vanished only to reappear next to her. She had very little time to react as his impact landed across her forearms luckily she didn't have to do much to block. His change in speed had caught her off guard and took her by surprise. The amount of time she had to block the impact was almost not anything at all. Could he actually be this fast. She thought to herself as she tried to create distance between them.

Koru Sinmari unfortunately once again would instantly close the gap between them. He hesitated shocked that he had landed a hit but did not stop as he would attempt three more hits, two strikes to the chest and one sweeping kick. His increase in speed was remarkable. He felt like he was able to actually win this fight.

Lilyana Nara was able to perform one hand seal as he once again closed the gap near seconds before she was struck again her body bent backwards. She was able to perform Shadow Astral Technique at the last second. One of the clones had performed shadow imitation on Lilyana and the other had moved and taken two of the quick strikes before vanishing into a poof of shadows. This had given Lilyana enough time for herself to perform shadow imitation on Koru with him being so close. Her shadow stretched into his stopping this last strike millimeters from impact. She took a sigh of relief as her clone stood her up before breaking that jutsu. Lilyana smiled and spoke to who would be for sure confuzed Koru. “That was an amazing fight but you lose.”

Koru Sinmari last hit stopped so close from striking as he was caught. He was really confused as how she was able to dodge the other two strikes as he looked at her. As she spoke it did not help much with his confusion. “Why do you say that I lose?” He was hoping that maybe she would not be able to hold him for much longer.

Lilyana Nara put her hand on her head causing Koru to mimic what she was doing as the last astral clone pulled out a shadow kunai and walked over to the trapped Koru and placed the tip to his chest. “This is what I meant buy you lose Koru.” She held out her hand and fist bumped the mimicking Koru as it was noticeable that she was smiling at him. “Thats a pretty impressive jutsu you have learned.” She released her jutsu’s and the clone poofed as the other had. She turned and started to walk away as she lifted her hand up in sort of a wave as she walked away. “I'll see you tomorrow koru.”

Koru Sinmari smiled as she fist bumped him. That was their thing of acceptance. He then realized he had done good, he actually landed a strike on her. But wondered if it was only out of surprise or if he would be able to do it again. He shouted after her. “Don't forget I hit you this time!” He got the hint that he might never be able to catch up with her in skill and power but being able to land this hit only gave him more of a drive to equal her. A small rivalry had been born from this spar but nothing too big as he was not able to see how big the gap between them would grow.
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Takius Emor Rp 9/14/12
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