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 Shingai Lore

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Bijuu, to many in the old days where considered gods. These beasts of unfathomable power ravaged the lands unchallanged in power. Although a lost name, lost with the time of gods, of worship. They where once worshiped as the gods in the sky. Worshiped by the people of their lands, they where called 'Shingai'.

With anything and anyone when tyranny plunges down upon the hopeless and struggling, they rise up. A clan known as the 'Daitoku' preists of the Tea Country began a long hunt to seal away all the beasts known as their gods. The belived that they had created a sealing method powerful enough to seal even such creatures as these. They would begin by finding the ruins in each country from which chakra poured out, as writen in their records they belive these to be the spots from which the Bijuu where birthed. Although there was no way to conferm this they used this immense power to create shrines from which each beast would be sealed.

The Beasts and Their Countries

One Tailed Beast: Shukaku - The Wind Country

Two Tailed Beast: Nekomata - Takou Island

Three Tailed Beast: Isonade - The Water Country

Four Tailed Beast: Sokou - Kika Island

Five Tailed Beast: Houkou - Tani Island

Six Tailed Beast: Raijuu - The Lightning Country

Seven Tailed Beast: Kaku - The Earth Country

Eight Tailed Beast: Yamata no Orochi - The Tea Country

Nine Tailed Beast: Kyuubi no Youko - The Fire Country
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Shingai Lore
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