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 Hayashi Bloodline

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[ナルト]Hayashi Bloodline[ナルト]


●Hayashi Religion Icchuuya (日晩, Day and Night)

Taiyou (日, sun)
Mikadzuki (晩, Moon)
Konjou (善魂, Good Spirit)
Tenma (悪魂, Evil Spirit)


●Special Days
Shoya (First Night)
- On the first night of the year the Hayashi respect Mikadzuki by bathing in blue water. The water filled with coloring dye will color their bodies blue and may be washed off the following day. During the night Mikadzuki demands they spend a calm and remember-able night with one that they feel closest to.
Dei (First Day)
- On the first day of the year the Hayashi respect Taiyou by marking their bodies with his mark, weather they have the mark or not. it is painted on with a golden powdery clay that sticks to the body and may not be removed until the sun begins to go down. During the day
Obon (Festival of the Dead)
- The last day of summer, Obon, is the Festival of the Dead. During Obon the Hayashi respect both Konjou and Tenma. During the day Konjou is respected by visiting the dead, graves or not, speaking to and respecting the dead through gifts, food, and anything that might please their spirits. During the night Tenma is respected through heavy partying and dance, at midnight an animal is sacrificed to please the blood thirst of Tenma.

●Requirements and Restrictions
- Must Be born with the Hayashi Bloodline Mark.

Satoru no Taiyou (Enlightenment of the Sun)
- The right of the passage for Hayashi with the mark of
Mugen no Mikadzuki (Dreams of the Moon)
- The right of the passage for Hayashi with the mark of
Chishiki no Konjou (Taking in of the Good Spirits)
- The right of the passage for Hayashi with the mark of

●Forbidden Rituals
Airo (Defile)
- The right of the passage for Hayashi with the mark of
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Hayashi Bloodline
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