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 Approved Hybrid Jutsu

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[ナルト]Approved Hybrid Jutsu[ナルト]





Name: Yuutai no Jutsu
Rank: A-Rank
Jutsu Type: Hybrid, Ninjutsu + Taijutsu
Requirement: Jyuken A/S Rank, Naomi teaching.
Handseals: None, Taijutsu based.
Description: This technique allows the user to over extend there physical chakra through use of there spiritual. In essence the technique is used to overcome large or powerful defensive techniques that would place a target out of range or harms way of the user.
Providing the user’s over-all chakra is higher then the chakra used to maintain a defence the user is able to bypass a defensive technique through use of there own bodily chakra to negate it while the excess spills through the defence to land a momentary assault that can feature no longer then a matter of seconds at best before the user’s chakra slingshots back into there own body.
Restrictions: This technique requires the user to have higher chakra within them then the defensive technique or barrier they are trying to get through. The technique can only allow them a 1-3 second leeway in which they can assault a target behind there defences before the chakra is returned to the body.
Until the chakra returns back to the body the user will be stuck stationary at the wall of the defence unable to react.
In order for this technique to work the defence it self must have a physical form
XP Cost: 90


Name: Yuutai, Jyuken Ryu
Rank: S-Rank
Jutsu Type: Hybrid, Ninjutsu + Taijutsu
Requirement: Jyuken A/S Rank, Naomi teaching, Yuutai no Jutsu
Handseals: None, Taijutsu based.
Description: Taking a degree of mastery from both Yuutai and Jyuken the user has show the ability to form the Yuutai, Jyuken Ryu. One of the most powerful of techniques formable through the use of the Jyuken style. In this technique the user unlike before to simply transmit themselves through defences as a form of chakra entity have now gained the ability to fire a large dragon like technique in addition to this.

In this technique the user is capable of manipulating the opening and closing of there Tenketsu similar to the use of Jyuken but in a way that allows them to project attacks. Meaning that even basic movements can be projected several feat as a Jyuken strike however it has a much more devastating effect as it generally forms a void zone within the area it hits, ejecting the targets chakra upon impact and closing any Tenketsu it comes into contact with – Including chakra generating organs.
For example, the user performs a round house kick that is five feet short of the target. In actuality the expulsion of chakra generates a form of spiritual body as it does in the Yuutai no Jutsu, however this spiritual body is an adaptation of the Jyuken style. So from this the attack would still connect although without the ability to see chakra the user would not see nor-feel the attack only the internal collapse of there Tenketsu, a heavy drain in there chakra as well as some minor internal damage.

The dragon-like technique of this technique functions in the same way except it has the size like that of most elemental dragons which can consume a target in its entirety. This will result in the closure of all tenketsu gates and most probably if caught within instantly kill its victim.
Restrictions: Unlike the Yuutai, because this technique is a Jyuken technique the Chakra used in this way does not simply slingshot back into the user’s body and as such is extremely chakra heavy upon use.

Unlike the Yuutai also the user does not need to make contact with a solid defense to perform the technique but instead of being stuck on the spot must physical move and perform the attacks they wish to use in order to project them.

This technique, unlike the Yuutai, because it is a Jyuken technique has the ability to be combined with Jyuuitachi to be given a physical solidity that can cut and cause blunt trauma to its target.
XP Cost: 110
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Approved Hybrid Jutsu
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