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 Eight Tailed Beast Yamata no Orochi Traits

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Eight Tailed Beast Yamata no Orochi Traits Empty
PostSubject: Eight Tailed Beast Yamata no Orochi Traits   Eight Tailed Beast Yamata no Orochi Traits EmptySat Sep 01, 2012 3:14 pm

[ナルト]Eight Tailed Beast Traits[ナルト]

●Name: Tassuru Aku Reiki (到達悪霊気, Reaching Evil Aura)
Effect: Should the host of the Yamata no Orochi begin to use its chakra they will instantly be overwhelmed by Tassuru Aku Reiki. This Aura not only becomes a part of their chakra but affects them physically and mentally. The Aura first mixes and becomes a part of their chakra systems turning your chakra purple. The second effect of this is an overwhelmingly powerful Aura of evil, making all around (More so the more sensitive to chakra they are) fell fear towards that person, misunderstanding, hate, a general dislike or discomfort towards it. Once this happens from that point on until the user manages to master their tailed beast an overall desire for evil will fill them. A strong will may resist but this is no ordinary impulse, it might feel as breathing to the use to do immoral and violent things.
Xp Cost: -1,000

●Name: Kuikorosu (食い殺す, Devour)
Effect: Kuikorosu allows the 8-Tails to Devour objects and make its power apart of their own. Kuikorosu has three ranks B, A, and S. Each allows the user to devour the object with different effects.

●B-Rank Kuikorosu: Devouring object allows for summoning it and unsummoning it from the user’s body at will.

Xp Cost:
Normal Objects: 10

C-Rank Artifact: 30
B-Rank Artifact: 40
S-Rank Artifact: 50

●A-Rank Kuikorosu: Devouring object allows the user to incorporate the exact power of the artifact into one part of their body.

Xp Cost:
Normal Objects: 20

C-Rank Artifact: 40
B-Rank Artifact: 60
S-Rank Artifact: 80

●S-Rank Kuikorosu: Devouring the object allows the user to completely reap the power of the object being devoured, weather that be raw power, multiple parts of the body taking on the power of this object, or simply summoning it.

Xp Cost:
Normal Objects: 30

C-Rank Artifact: 60
B-Rank Artifact: 100
S-Rank Artifact: 140
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Eight Tailed Beast Yamata no Orochi Traits
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