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PostSubject: Techniques   Techniques EmptyWed Aug 29, 2012 7:08 pm

*Shin no Ippo

Rank: C

Skill: Genjutsu

Power: 450

Effect: Stun

Description: A unique technique that causes immense strain in it's victim. Shooting a sudden glance or with a sudden vocalization, the victim's body will suddenly seize up like being shot with a taser temporarily stunning the victim and potentially causing them to fall to the ground from their muscles suddenly tightening all at once.


JP: 10

*Ningyo Dzukai

Rank: A

Skill: Genjutsu/Ninjutsu

Power: 450

Effect: Stun, Blindness (2 Turns)

Description: A much more unique version of the Shun no Ippo technique, the user will create a bright flash to temporarily stun their victim and activate this technique at the same time. When active, the opponent's body will go limp as it would during Shin no Ippo, however, while they are stunned, the user will then manipulate their numb body like a puppet. During this time, the user is able to manipulate their victim into forcing out any technique they are aware the victim posesses using Genjutsu to control their spirit and Ninjutsu to control their actions.

Limit: A person manipulated by this technique can only be manipulated for 6 movements before they are free, if all of the movements are not used by the end of the turn they are voided. Requires at least C rank Kugutsu no Jutsu and C rank Shin no Ippo

JP: 30


Rank: S

Skill: Ninjutsu/Genjutsu/Taijutsu

Power: (Varies)

Effect: Stun

Description: A Devastating upgrade to A rank Ningyo Dzukai, this technique requires only a faint contact of connecting puppet strings to a person. This contact will be unfelt and normally be something that cannot be percieved or even understood, once contact is made however, the technique has already been activated. After activation, the user will be able to interrupt the opponent's actions by paying equal actions to disrupt the opponent's movements. When interrupted in this way, the user can pay 2 additional movements to cause the victim to suffer from a critical failure causing them to damage themselves in the process.

Limit: These puppet strings must be secure, requiring them to latch on in one post, before this technique can be activated.

JP: 50


Rank: D-S

Skill: Genjutsu/Taijutsu

Power: ---


Applies 1 stack to the Fear gauge
Applies 2 stacks to the Fear gauge
Applies 3 stacks to the Fear gauge
Applies 4 stacks to the Fear gauge
Applies 5 stacks to the Fear gauge

Description: This terrifying technique makes use of the user's murderous intent, the ever present aura they breath out during each strike and attack. When an opponent recognizes an incoming strike, Satsui will activate giving the victim the impression that the strike was a critical success resulting in their death. This impression is often times just a quick flash of what could happen if they fail to evade or block properly however, the pain it leaves will be lasting and often leave a scar upon the victim's heart making it difficult to fight back properly against the user. For every stack of Fear, the victim will be unable to accurately target the user once allowing them to ignore single target techniques. Stacks of Fear last for 2 posts, refreshing each time a new stack is applied, these stacks cap at 5 Total.

Limit: Requires lessons from Haruo Furinji

JP: 5/10/20/30/50


Rank: D - S

Skill: Ninjutsu

Power: 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000

Effect: Flash crystallizes objects or energies

Description: Issenteru allows a Shoton user to utilize their Crystal Poison from a distance to crystalize objects from afar. Issenteru also introduces a new unique feature of the Shoton user's abilities by allowing them to crystallize various types of energies by using the energy as a catalyst to create the crystals.

Limit: Brittle Pattern: Crystal Poison

JP: 5, 10, 20, 30, 50
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PostSubject: Re: Techniques   Techniques EmptyThu Aug 30, 2012 1:31 pm

Firstly, a typo of Shin no Ippo. You placed Shun no Ippo under Ningyo Dzukai, which I assume is Ningyo Dozukai. Jine'e will be very displeased with you.

Otherwise, Approved.
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