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 Shindou Kekkei Genkai

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PostSubject: Shindou Kekkei Genkai    Shindou Kekkei Genkai  EmptyMon Aug 13, 2012 9:00 am

Kekkei Genkai Name: Shindou

Description: The Shindou clan have a very few particular set of abilities they hold in their repertoire. Their main ability is their immense mental capacity and capabilities. They process information five times faster then a normal human would, making them notice things others wouldn't. They also gain the ability to learn ANY technique twice as fast. Making them very versatile in terms of jutsu and learning them. Training is just easier to understand for them, they can rip apart another persons techniques and use the same one; to even perhaps make it even better! They register things quickly, so hand seals are easily able to be seen. While they do register things quicker then others, this has no effect on their reflexes, because even if their mind is knowing its there, their body cannot keep up with that.

‣  All Jutsu point costs are halved, excluding artifacts.
‣  Wits are doubled.
‣  Half of wits are shoved into Genjutsu, only for defensive purposes.
‣  Training RP's take half as long.

Drawback: Though their mental capabilities are immense, they of course have many weaknesses to them. Their main weakness is not in the mind themselves, but the massive threat they cause to the village they are in. They notice EVERYTHING, whether they like it or not. Though this can be used to make the villages stronger, this can also be used against the village as well. The Shindou are usually very selfish to themselves because they believe they are literally superior in every way to others. Because of this, they are prone to betrayal against groups they set themselves in. They usually only look after their own, and to gain the trust of a Shindou is extremely honorable. Mental-wise they tend to over think things. So they do not do well in largely crowded areas or particularly vibrant places. They have a sense of "obsessive compulsive" for having to know things. They will often go out of their way in times of peril to find the knowledge they seek. They would kill their own, and even themselves in the search of knowledge.

Jutsu (Use the Jutsu Template for all Jutsu): N/A
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Shindou Kekkei Genkai  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shindou Kekkei Genkai    Shindou Kekkei Genkai  EmptyTue Aug 14, 2012 7:43 pm

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Shindou Kekkei Genkai
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