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 Saikou Okorugan (The Ultimate Angry Colored Eye)

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Saikou Okorugan (The Ultimate Angry Colored Eye) Empty
PostSubject: Saikou Okorugan (The Ultimate Angry Colored Eye)   Saikou Okorugan (The Ultimate Angry Colored Eye) EmptyThu Sep 20, 2012 9:13 pm

Name: Saikou Rokorugan
Description: The Saikou Okorugan is the transformed version of the Okorugan. It doesn't require Anger like the original Okorugan. To unlock this form of the Okorugan the user must be at a balance between anger and calmness and activate the original Okorugan after unlocking Okorugan level 4. The Saikou Okorugan gives the user 200% in power and speed. It runs on a seperate chakra line and is limited to the Rotaru clan just like the original Okorugan.
Drawbacks: If the user uses up the Chakra for the Saikou Okorugan their body can be put in a great deal of pain, which results in a shortened life span.
Jutsu: Teleportation Jutsu
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Saikou Okorugan (The Ultimate Angry Colored Eye)
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