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 Yoh Metsuki (Goldberg Randt) - APPROVED - By Dwain Aeon

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Yoh Metsuki (Goldberg Randt) - APPROVED - By Dwain Aeon Empty
PostSubject: Yoh Metsuki (Goldberg Randt) - APPROVED - By Dwain Aeon   Yoh Metsuki (Goldberg Randt) - APPROVED - By Dwain Aeon EmptyMon Sep 17, 2012 4:34 pm

[ナルト]Character Sheet![ナルト]

Name: Yoh Metsuki
Rank: Jounin
Village: Kumogakure
Age: 22
Class: Ninjutsu Specialist
Experience: 6,000

Toughness Stat: 70
Wits Stat: 40
Reflexes Stat: 60
Speed Stat: 60
Ninjutsu Stat: 180
Genjutsu Stat: 30
Taijutsu Stat: 70






It was twenty two years ago when Yoh came into this world. Life was not easy as a child, well not hard but not easy. Yohs parents worked in the mountains on farming and goat herding. As a child Yoh loved to ride the goats and go all over the place, but his parents would get onto him for not watching out for lightning. Lightning was all over the place throughout the days of his youth.
Time passed as Yoh grew into a teenager, his body had grown muscle and his parents put him to work. It was fun working with the goats and looking over the farm. But as Yoh worked Yoh also improved his skills. On days of great storms, Yoh would move with the lightning getting out of the way and learned the ways of it, how it moved and how it acted. Over time Yoh learned a lot about it and knew the mountains like the back of his neck.
Years had gone by and Yohs family had a good life, working with the village and making a good living, till the day came. The land of Iron came and took over our great land. Yohs family didn't want him to get taken and turned into a slave so they told him to go into the mountains and take what you need. They knew Yoh could live in the mountains without being hit by lightning. Days would pass as the Samurai's took more and more. Watching them do this, made Yoh start to train himself. Working out was all Yoh could do, spending days lifting large rocks and running back and forth through the mountains.
One day after training, Samurai's found Yoh on the mountain. After looking at them Yoh jumped up and looked at all them. It was four to one, but Yoh knew the land better. They went right at him as Yoh jumped up having a few of them hit them selves and land on a few of them when Yoh returned. As Yoh kept his mind clear Yoh heard and saw lightning and thunder. Yoh jumped high into the air, over the samurai's as lightning fell down onto him and onto the samurai. Luckily, Yoh only got a small hit and moved out of its reach. The samurai's on the other hand got bad hits and were down.
As Yoh could feel his body in pain this feeling came over him. Yoh looked at his hand as lightning was flowing through it. Yoh was in shock as it vanished, unsure on what really just happened. After resting his arm he walked back to town for the first time in years to see what else is going on and if he could help in any way. Making it to town he came across a lot of samurai's. Keeping his distance they didn't notice him. Hiding in a small building Yoh had come across a group of people talking about taking back there land. Yoh moved down and showed himself to the people, wanting to help.
Joning the team Yoh learned new methods to fighting and moving. Learning his chakra type and what happened to him in the mountain was his element. Yoh had become a shinobi with his speed and strength he became a valid member of there team. Joining the front line with all the others he helped fight back and gain there village back. After taking back there land, Yoh had returned to his farm to see if his family was still alive. As yoh opened the door, he falls to see his parents dead on the ground. Yoh moved them out and had them moved into the mountains for there souls to live in peace within the land they lived in for there life.
After taking care of his parents, Yoh walked back to the village, wanting to stay and protect the village more. Yoh spent time learning more from the other shinobi's and was given a headband and had become a jounin after years of training. Now of days Yoh spends his time looking over the village and working on his farm as well as teaching young ninjas how to act and fight. As well as have them help him with farming and keeping the village up with supplies.
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Yoh Metsuki (Goldberg Randt) - APPROVED - By Dwain Aeon
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